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 All our furs, leathers and sweaters that we use in our hats are acquired from recycled, furs, sweaters, leathers and polar tech.  By using recycled materials from natural resources we help to reduce waste. We are more aware of what the consequences are today than we were many years ago, so lets think eco-friendly.

Attitude of Gratitude Fabric Art Is on "VACATION"  in Texas, focused on writing a Nature Activity book for youth AND young at heart.  Stay Tuned!

Meet The Founders:

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Fit for You


The best way to get a properly fitting snug hat is to measure the circumference of your head (in inches or centimeters). You will need a good tape measure to get an accurate measurement of your head. Ask someone to help you if you are unable to do it yourself. Take your time to ensure an accurate fit. The human head assumes many shapes and sizes. Even on an individual head measurements will vary if taken in different spots. Therefore, it is important to take the measurement at the right spot on your head. It is not sufficient to wind the tape around your forehead and assume that is the correct measurement for your head. You can determine exactly where to set the tape on your head by wearing a hat that you already own to see where it settles. Generally, the ideal spot to measure is just above the center of the forehead, about 1/8 of an inch over both ears, on the top slope of the lump at the back of your skull.

How We Work


Select from one of our Designs or request a Custom

Design that is made especially for you. 

Who We Are

In 2012, I married Harris D. Murphy, my partner in life who shares my passions, supports my dreams and nurtures my creativity out of which our move to Colorado came in 2012 and Attitude of Gratitude Fabric Art was born in 2016. Designed as functional, funky, and fun headwear made from recycled and remnant fibers to express your desire to be unique will elevate your consciousness while covering your cranium.

As a fabric artist that takes pride in working alongside the fiber and fabric artist community, every Attitude of Gratitude hat is designed, cut and stitched by me. I transform wool sweaters, PolarTec jackets and faux (fake fur) and animal fur coats into wearable art that's easy on your head and on the planet!

Our company was founded on the idea of using recycled materials from natural resources to reduce waste. We line our hats because it makes a nice finished product. Our linings are cashmere, extra fine merino wool and Polartec fleece. Just perfect for those cold winter days outside. We use the best of fur for our hats! Fur, leather and wool are biodegradable resources. Synthetics are generally made from petroleum (a non-renewable resource) which is NOT consistent with the sustainable use of our environment. By using recycled materials we help to reduce waste. We are more aware of what the consequences are today than we were many years ago, so let's think eco-friendly.

Hats are for men, women and children.  Custom orders welcome. I can turn your favorite fur coat or wool sweater into a special hat. We provide quality, service and guarantee a win -win where everyone is happier. 10% of profit goes to Mustard Seed Foundation to support scholarships for Youth Leadership Camp ages 14 to 18 with Klemmer and Associates. My DREAM is to open Four Corners School in the Woods. A charter school focused on 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.  Attitude of Gratitude Fabric Art will assist in funding the School. Donations of materials are Gratefully accepted.  Karen Sizelove-Murphy


Co-Founder & Designer



One of a Kind Designs

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